No more Magic €9 meals in pubs & the propaganda machine is now demanding the use of Antigen tests 14 months later

Writer / Editor. Adrian McKenna

Remember the mythical days of the magical €9 meal with a pint in this never ending movie that has plagued our lives for the past 15 months, Well something even more magical is now happening.

Twelve months ago we found out that case numbers dropped when the warmer weather came back around, talked about by all of the covid pushers from media to government to social media and all across the nation, everybody knows everybody argued about it only nobody seemed to have battered an eyelid to the fact that we are still living in a draconian nightmare.

With RTE and now suggesting on the 9 o’ clock News that with information from their sources as meetings are taking place with Top Officials, while the people wait once again in frustration with the Government now facing serious backlash from the public who are also mounting serious worrying pressers on opposition parties and independents to take a stand.

With new so called Science & waves of Optimism from the government restrictions are to be lifted as follows

Ban on travel to be lifted possibly by May 10th

Click and collect early May with all retail later in month

2 to 3 households outdoors by may 10th

All pubs outdoor to be open end of may start of June

No hotels or guest house until June 7th earliest



Also coming with a demand from opposition leaders is the use of Antigen testing also well knowing to the public of how much faster and economically more productive which has been argued with over the past year now all of a sudden when restrictions are “incrementally” been lifted step by step all in the name of public health, while public health problems are now at an all time high not from the virus, Yes I did say not from the virus but from the absolute imbeciles that have played out the whole charade to suit their political power and God knows for what other crazy reasons.

Taoiseach Michael Martin and his party have dropped to serious low on popularity hitting 11% which would make one question could it be that he is holding onto whatever power that he has after his “sell your own mother situation” to get the position as Taoiseach after 30 long years of waiting.

We have all seen the public gatherings of people from many different households of all ages over the past two months growing  in numbers by the weeks and now days which is clear evidence to an analyst or just person with plain common knowledge in patterns to see that these restrictions that are in place are of no benefit to the people at all now that we are out of viral season, why delay the real crises any longer time to hold theirs hands up and admit they”got it wrong”

It is now becoming more and more evident that the Government, the opposition, Nphet and so many so called trusted positions throughout these professional fields in Ireland now puts us in an evening bigger position to flush out all of these people from ever making any decisions for the public again.

This pandemic has giving us all time to reflect on how this country is being run by, who these individuals are that have ruined it, along with the golden ticket question, who does the money lead to? Answer : all the “Big wigs”  the likes of Larry Goodman and all the Denis O’Brian‘s of this country that don’t even pay tax here, while 25% to 30% of the country are sinking into poverty or worse ‘already in it’

So many family lives have Been destroyed over the this absolute lunacy with “mental health” crises now being called into action along with the serious ever mountain appointments and untreated illnesses we have to face for the next decade which was admitted would happen by Tanaiste Leo Varadkar in the summer of 2020.

These so called ‘leaders” of our country have led us down a very dangerous road that families will have to deal with for decades to come with a totally understaffed, out resourced Family agency sector Tusla, Bernardos, Pieta, house etc. that are under serious strain with mouthing cases growing rapidly is putting the children of our country in risk of serious harm or death, society has got massive challenges ahead over the coming years now the biggest question lies is “who is going to lead us out of this” and how deep does the corruption sink into politics in Ireland with recent news of Sinn Fein’s links to the gangland murder at the Regency Hotel in Dublin in 2016








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