Miriam O’Callaghan of RTE refuses to speak on anymore shows surrounding Covid after argument with bosses claims Aisling O’Loughlin

Writer / Editor Adrian McKenna

Has long term Presenter/Panellist Miriam O’Callaghan falling out with Bosses at RTE studios 

This would come after a year of complete fear propaganda pushed into the public causing absolute chaos across all sectors of society with a Mental Health emergency now being called by Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald and fellow member Mark Ward Td. mental health spokes person.

With no real date for an end to all of this, Families all across the country are facing major set backs in medical and mental health proceeders with a build up back logs rising under staffed system that has failing to provide the human integrity of the citizens of Ireland who have been subdued to some of the most draconian measures since the full implementation of the Irish free state on the March 31st 1921.

Recent financial troubles at RTE studios called on Dee Forbes is Director-General to call on staff to vote on whether they would take a pay rise which ended up with a massive 87% saying no to taking a cut.

In recent years RTE television has taking a hammering in views like all tv stations across the world with Big Tech companies pushing them into a vinyl situation in this lightning speed technological race for mankind to educate and consume at a pace never witnessed before.

Aisling O’ Loughlin former Xpose journalist now living in France with her 3 children has caused a media backlash with fellow journalist’s in Instagram wars surrounding the debate on the legitimacy of the vaccine rollout and major media propaganda/corruption, Aisling took to Instagram suggesting that Miriam O’Callaghan is now refusing to go along with the charade and will no longer be taking part in anymore shows debating covid.

RTE has suffer future public backlash over the past year with attacks on their studios from angry far right protesters led by the not so liked self proclaimed patriot journalist Gemma O’Doherty, who marched through a small presences of Gardai standing at the gates of the Dublin 4 RTÉ Television Studios earlier this year with numbers over 200 angry protestors approaching the front doors where they were met with a wall a of Gardai, the crowd verbally abused members of the Gardai while screaming at terrified staff through the windows demanding they stop pushing out the Fear and propaganda and end the lockdown along and all sorts of extreme accusations, with high tensions surrounding a protest Paddy’s Day organised by the same groups Gardai were out in armed forces leading to arrests of well knowing activist’s on the day.

Main stream media is under ever growing scrutiny over the past decade with the rise of social media people having instant access to information that is being held back from the population in order to protect the government and large corporations from scandal after scandal along with the false promises with the housing crises, with further inflation in house prices making it impossible for high percentages of young people from ever affording there own home and even bigger worries of whether the economy is going to hold or collapse.

With all of the Fear that was pushed out from these scripted journalist’s it was only a matter of time before the public would have turned on them, it has come back at them hard with online attacks like abuse, bullying, threatening behaviour, studios attacked by angry mobs.

It all seems like something from a Movie.

Miriam is a mother of eight children with an incredible career behind her well respected and well loved by the majority of the nation before covid came along, one could only imagine the problems that may be arising for the older kids at school and online with so much accusations mentally it would be having a serious impact on her and her family.

Is it guilt finally kicking in from a highly credible panellist pushed over the edge, being pressured to take a pay cut when she was doing a job that went against every moral bone in her body, or was it to protect her family or the bigger question on this topic today is “has it happened at all“or even more so what is really going on with Aisling O’Loughlin.

Aisling is calling for journalists of Integrity to speak out and no longer go along with this scandal saying they can no longer face the Irish public and lie to them, she began her latest post explaining her wikipedia page had been tampered with, saying that anyone speaking out is being shut down, tarnished, discredited and outcast.

With the pandemic exposing the enormous cracks in society all across the world the past year, is it now the case the walls are caving in on RTE and our so called government that has failed this country beyond questionable doubt putting our country into complete and utter disruption with major cracks surfacing in all sectors causing disruption and breakdowns which could to call for “emergency” in all departments.

How much longer can journalists hide from the truth, one might ask how much more can their sole take before it destroys everything they ever worked for or worse their family.

With the majority of the population now willing to take part in the vaccination role out, almost half feel like they are being coerced into taking it in order to get normality back in their lives with the Green passport seeming ever so likely people feel like they have no choice.

One could only hope that their is truth behind this story and as Aisling says the house of cards falls before its to late.



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