Leo Varadkar plans on watching your every move

Writer / Editor  Adrian McKenna | April 14, 2021


With the slowest rollout of the vaccination compared to other European countries Ireland is continuing to play catch up all the time while England has now opened back up to the public with the majority of their country now vaccinated.

Political leaders now think that they should have the power to follow your every move with the introduction of a vaccine passport or a so-called green certificate  adding a colour to soften the blow to the public.

It was only this time last year when so-called conspiracy Theorists and far right extremist’s were talking about a new passport which would provide vaccinated people to enter pubs, clubs, restaurants, venues, concerts and travel from one country to another in which the mainstream media portrayed these so-called conspiracy theorists and far right wing as nut jobs with mental problems making them out to be something from science fiction movie.

Now it’s clear this is no movie it’s in plain sight for all to see and discuss, over this past year people have seen their rights and freedoms slowly taking away from them, with many politicians the likes of Michael McNamara who ran the investigation into the covid-19 restrictions calling some of these measures Draconian, unconstitutional and crimes against humanity.

A poll done on Sunday the 11th of April by the journal.ie suggests that 33.4% say yes to the vaccine passport 63.6% saying no to the passport with 4% undecided with a total of 26,555 people taking part.

Government officials would argue that the vaccine passport is put in place for health reasons to protect people from COVID-19 only the vaccinated would be allowed to enter certain premises, venues and could even stop citizens from crossing borders all in the name of public health.

Only other professionals such as politicians, doctors, scientists and barristers would argue that it is more sinister than what we are led to believe suggesting big tech companies are using Covid-19 as a cover in order to collect each and every individual’s  data and information which can then be sold to the government and the Gardai using their information against them further down the road as more and more draconian laws are put into place.

Peoples civil liberties and rights are being eroded as we speak day by day week by week month by month with no end in sight.

So-called self-proclaimed medical experts such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have used their influence to censor doctors, scientists, chemists, biologists, politicians and journalist’s even went as far to ban the President of the United States of America Donald Trump from his platform in the run up to the presidential election in 2020 which some might say was the reason that he lost.

Big tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have abused their powers by holding back information to the general public that did not go with their agenda it has recently been discovered that CNN technical director Charles Chester plotted a propaganda spin in order to stop the president from being re-elected.

If anything the past year has showing us is that the height of corruption that is involved in political parties all across the world linking back to the world economic forum along with big tech companies has become so widespread disgusting careless rogue agencies working together to create fast wealth for their favourite corporations.

If the people of the world do you not act fast God knows what’s in store for humanity moving forward, what gives big tech companies the right to control the sale and supply of your private information which could be used against you in a court of law bribery or acts of sinister behaviour.

Why are they not paying you for all your data.


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