Welcome to The Adrian McKenna Show where we speak about all that is happening in this ever changing world pulling away from social media platforms where freedom of speech is day by day being taken away from us through big tech censorship, this platform will give us all an equal opportunity to debate and discuss topics giving us back our freedoms that are slowly being taken from us, we do daily vlogs, blogs, information encouraging positivity, love ,kindness, empathy, understanding of healthy lifestyles through foods, diets, exercise, self awareness, self control, sports, yoga and many more, we also do podcasts with guests that are professionals of their fields giving us a fair outlook on all topics, social media has become a very unhealthy place to be as humans we need to be able to express how we feel without dictatorship from bigtech, the world economic forum and corrupt politicians all across the globe, we do not have all the answers as who does only as a community with fair equal discussing we can help the millions of people around the world that continue the fight for the greater good, these times we live in are very uncertain it lies with us the people to stop the control from the powers above by creating new platforms, joining our platforms where there is no interference that continue to control and take away our rights, throughout history good has always prevailed in pushed back evil why should now be any different, humans thrive with positive energy social media is taken that powerful energy from us, it is now on us to defend these rights for the people by sharing as much information as possible, if you agree with the above this is definitely platform for you, hit the subscribe button have exclusive footage and information ahead of the rest to what is happening in the world around us.


All donations will go towards equipment, production and building this company to at the capacity of mainstream media outlets only our company will seek and tell the truth, We do not have any ties with political organisations, groups or worst of all corporations, We work for the people to insure the truth gets to the people, exposing the lies to end corruption is our sole aim only as you all know that takes time and money, time we have money well we could do with help from the people that can afford to do so, This site is free to all and we hope we can keep it this way with your kind help. Thank you in advance, yours truly Adrian McKenna.





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