Green Certificate/Vaccine Passport is not as easy pass as people expect

Writer / Editor Adrian McKenna.

As people all over the globe argue over the vaccinations with some fighting over who gets it first or people that don’t want it at all, it is without doubt a topic people talk about when it comes to covid

Only the most recent argument falls to a much more complicated area surrounding the Green Certificate or know to others as a vaccine passport is in some what of a different category to what the entire nation have been through up until now, with the country slowly beginning to open back up worries surrounding entry to events, business premises, schools, collages, places of work and so on is adding to the ever growing stress, anxiety, mental health on families especially in the lower to no risk categories which in recents months have began to question the narrative behind all of this

With people that are now questioned or giving up on lies along with the people that never bought into the lies, hysteria and manipulation in the first place would certainly now get in the way of what the propaganda machines and the government are trying to force on the people with coercive control


The Irish Council for Civil Liberties  data privacy along with protection advocates, also object, arguing that such documents have serious implications for human rights, on the grounds of discrimination, equality, data privacy, the right to bodily integrity and the right to freedom of movement across the EU. The ICCL laid out its objections in a detailed letter last month to Minister for Foreign Affair sSimon Coveney.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has expressed reservations on many of the same points, concerned that many countries will remain without vaccines for a long time, leaving citizens unable to travel internationally at all, with so much different data popping up from many countries around the world look at America in how states such as Texas along with 20 more states have opened up lifting all mandates on masks, social distancing and cases dropping massively in all states while the remains stares vamp up restrictions tell the public to put on not one not two but 3 masks allure rising in case numbers leaving society in complete melt down.

With county’s, states, country’s, nations continents pretty much the whole globe is divided and implementing a law like this across Europe never mind the world is not as easy as one might think, which would make this process a free pass with more and more people opening up to the information that was deemed crazy or conspiracy over the past year vilified by the propaganda machine backed up with Government Funding from tase payers money.

Is it now starting to fall apart for the Master Minds behind all of this economic power grab this is not the first time in recent decades that these certain cars outbreaks have happened with Ebola in recent years which is a far more deadly virus from what many scientists and analysts across the world are arguing.

Could it be the power of social media that has become embedded into our lives in the past 5 to 10 years with the rise of so many popular platforms across all ages Fear has never being so easy to push out across the planet at a speed like never before instant fear everywhere we look.

There is no argument in saying that people have seriously over reacted to situations with the likes of Claire Byrne from RTE suggestion we wrap in a blow up plastic ball going to events demonstrating it on the Claire Byrne show which notorious fear merchant Luke O’Neill Driving fear into the Nation.

If you are vaccinated or going to be vaccinated because you feel it is the right choice for you to make you need to ask yourself is giving up all your personal information to big tech so they can harvest it and sell to Governments and agencies all across the world every scroll every click every search you ever made on every platform you ever used.






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