Elvis Has left the building says Ivor Cummins so why are we still on lockdown

Writer/Editor Adrian McKenna

Lockdown were always put in place to protect the Hospitals mainly the ICU to prevent them from becoming over crowded

Only as put by Ivor Cummins Biochemical Engineer, analyst and problem solver speaking on Niall Boylan podcast that Elvis has left the building

With seasons having a massive play in the spread of the virus the debate around lockdown level 5 is top of the conversation as we come ever closer to opening back up with many protests taking to the streets over the weekend in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and other parts of the country to the friendly neighboured chat wondering when this is all going to end with many stores and views shared.

Throughout all these discussions no matter who or what it is about it always at some point of the conversation falls back to you guessed it the Government which 9 times out of 10 of late would all agree that they have made a complete Bull in a China shop situation of the whole Pandemic on society.

Michael Martin is way in over his head for the crisis situation that we are in, without raining on his success of selling his sole to become Taoiseach after a long 30 years unlike his predecessor and next in throne Leo Varadkar who in fairness to his approach for the short time as Standing Taoiseach was a lot more composed and leader like.

Saying those things sounds so wrong it actually makes them sound good in a way only truthfully speaking Michael Martin is not a man that should be leading this country in a time of crisis maybe in a normal time in history he would have bored his way through a 4 year term only not this 2 year term which in he near completed will not go down well in his Legacy of Taoiseach.

So more to the point why are we still in lock down while Elvis has left the building

Highly spoken biochemical engineer, analyst and problem solver Ivor Cummins who has over these past 13 months began to question the movements of the government Nphet and public officials.

Ivor who has 30 years of experiences in the field of analytics vs Michael Martin who has 30 years of experience in two faced lying to the public not to forget only 15 months ago he promised his voters he would never ever go into power with Fine Gael.

With Videos of concerts popping up all over social media along with people out dinning in their favourite restaurants to holidaying in the tourist destinations all across Britain, while we gradually ease the longest restrictions to anywhere in Europe on for another 2 months possibly more.

Going on what Ivor is saying Elvis left the building over a month ago looking into this years studies and findings, so why are we still on lockdown Ivor also stresses that Vaccinated or not that Elvis has still left and won’t be back until the next surge come September/October of this year in which herd immunity will have spread further throughout the nation.

Covid is something we will have to live with going forward just like all the viruses from the past and the ones that will come along in the future, so the big Question for all of us across the nation is why are we still on lockdown when the season is over and the bigger question being how big a mistake has the Government made and at what cost to the people going forward.

Questions need answering and the time from hiding from them is up People lives have been turned upside down, Unnecessary people have died, mental Health is in a crises situation.

How can we as a nation let the very people who destroyed our lives over this past year lead us out of the crises they have now created, Its time for change real change.



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