Welcome to Mckenna Inc. where we speak about all that is happening in this ever changing world pulling away from social media platforms where freedom of speech is day by day being taken away from us through big tech censorship, this platform will give us all an equal opportunity to debate and discuss topics giving us back our freedoms that are slowly being taken from us, we do vlogs, blogs, information encouraging positivity, love ,kindness, empathy, understanding of healthy lifestyles through foods, diets, exercise, self awareness, self control, sports, etc.

we also do podcasts with guests in all the above professionals of their fields giving us a fair outlook on all topics, social media has become a very unhealthy place to be as humans we need to be able to express how we feel without dictatorship from bigtech, the world economic forum and corrupt politicians all across the globe, we do not have all the answers as who does only as a community with fair equal discussing we can help the millions of good people around the world that continue the fight for the greater good for humanity, these times we live in a very uncertain it lies with us the people to stop the control of the evil forces in this world by creating new platforms, joining our platforms without interference that continue to control and take away our rights.

Throughout history good has always prevailed in pushing back evil why should now be any different, humans thrive with positive energy social media is taken that powerful energy from us, it is now on us to defend these rights from the people by sharing as much information as possible, if you agree with what I say this is definitly platform for you, hit the subscribe button have exclusive footage and information ahead of the rest to what is happening in the world around us.

I have been involved in social media over the past 2 years where I created and ran a page called legalise weed Ireland growing it to 13500 organic followers which I handed over a year ago making way for a new page called The Adrian McKenna Show which grew organically to 24000 followers which has been hit baldly with censorship over the past 5 months, which pushed me in this direction away from control giving myself the space to pursue a new challenge in life.

Some of my work is documentation of my life which does not make the government look good which has caused many complications in my life, over the past 5 years I have been up against the system through Tusla, Gardai, courts I have seen my fair share of double standards, corruption and things you would think impossible put it this way what you see on the news don’t even scratch the surface with what is going really going on in this country and all around the world.

For a lifetime we have been led to believe that our so called leaders of the world had us at best interest what I have learned over these past 5 years tell me and millions more different.

Before all the madness in my life came to me I was a self employed builder family man making my way in life from what you could call a rocky start in my early years I was  involved in criminality surrounding drugs which I was lucky to get away from at the age of 26 I spent the past 11 years of my life getting away from what I believed was bad people only to realise the people that have society the way it is are the real criminals.

I am now a single dad of 3 beautiful children so I have changed my career to be there for the kids being able to work from home doing something that I believe will help further generations by exposing information to the world that the people in charge so desperately try to hide all while sending a positive message to all that these things take time so we may have lots of fun in the process.

Life my friend is all about living sharing information and doing the best we can with the cards we have been dealt

Your friend

Adrian McKenna.

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